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Why feeding BARF is better?

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diets are based on fresh food such as raw meats, raw bones, raw vegetables and minerals, and are designed to mimic what your cat or dog would eat in the wild.


Dog teeth are designed for tearing and chewing, their short intestines avoid the putrefaction of flesh foods, and the powerful digestive juices can even dissolve lumps of bone. This means they can eat and digest food that would kill humans, without any harmful effects.


If left to its own devices, a dog will catch it scavenge it's food from the prey of others, and eat virtually everything - the flesh, fat, bone, muscle, organ meats and stomach.

Humans are the only animals that cook their foods - and we know cooking destroys much of the nutritional goodness.


So why would you feed your animal a processed, cooked food?

Nutriment contains only meat from human grade sources so that you can be sure your pet is getting only the best, freshest, most natural food on the market.

Nutriment Ltd

Nutriment is an award-winning family-owned business based in sunny Camberly. What makes Nutriment so special is our deeply engrained enthusiasm for dogs and our friendly and approachable young business mindset, a communal, non-corporate approach which means there's always a "real" person at the oned of the phone to answer any questions you might have about either our products or dog feeding in general.

Nutriment is renowned for its uncompromising, small batch mentality that stubbornly refuses to accommodate anything other then the finest human-grade meat, vegetables and metabolism friendly superfoods.


Nutriment’s complete raw dog food meets the high energy needs of happy, healthy dogs, and provides a wholesome BARF diet.


Made completely in-house in the UK with high-quality, natural, human-grade ingredients, our nutritious meals offer highly digestible, flavourful and energy dense nourishment that are full of essential amino acids, vitamins and macro-nutrients.


We have options to suit canines of all breeds & ages and dietary preferences (chicken, turkey, beef, salmon, duck and more!).

The Benefits of a Raw Dog Food Diet

A raw dog food diet can significantly improve your dog’s health and well-being. When dogs make the switch, their owners report many benefits including:


  • Cleaner teeth and fresher breath
  • Improved digestion & immune system
  • Improved weight control
  • Improved diabetes symptoms
  • Strengthened immune system & bones
  • Improved liver, pancreatitis bowel, and reproductive health
  • Less poop and healthier stool
  • Shinier, healthier skin & coat
  • Increased mobility
  • Reduction of allergy symptoms (skin allergies and ear infections)
  • Reduced arthritis & bone disease suffering
  • Less visits to your vet

What’s more, your dogs will love it! Feeding them a raw diet gives you the flexibility to adapt their food to suit their individual tastes, needs and lifestyle, and exclude any ingredients that cause intolerances and/or sensitivities.


Finally, dogs are carnivores. The structure of their teeth, jaws and digestives systems are designed to deal with animal protein, not kibble. It makes sense to feed them what their bodies have been made for.


Read more about the many benefits of raw feeding here.

Why you should choose Nutriment’s Complete Raw Dog Food?

Like humans, dogs are healthiest when they’re fed a varied, well-balanced diet. One of the challenges with any diet is getting enough of the right nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Raw feeding is no exception.

That’s why Nutriment uses a range of natural animal proteins, vegetables, fruits and minerals in our meals. And we’ve carefully designed them so that they meet the needs of a well-balanced, healthy BARF diet.

In order to guarantee the quality and richness of our ingredients, we personally farm, produce, manufacture, and package everything in-house at our property Laverstoke Park Farm.

We produce the best because we think your dogs deserve the best! We’re dog-lovers after all, and we want them to live the healthiest lifestyle possible. That means serving them the best, healthiest human-grade ingredients possible.

We’re also a multi-award-winning raw food supplier.


And our dog food range was the first raw pet food to ever receive a 5 star review on www.allaboutdoogfood.co.uk’s website. Check out the review here!

Plus, we have options to accommodate for dogs of all ages, types, diets and preferences, including:

  • Complete Raw Puppy Food
  • Hypoallergenic Dog Food
  • Low Fat Dog Food
  • Low Purine Dog Food 
  • High Meat Content Dog Food
  • Working Dog Food
  • And more!

Discover Nutriment's Range

Core range dogs

Generous-proportioned meals

Meticulously assembled, well-balanced recipes provide the perfect nutritious by which all RAW themed pet food meals should be judged.

Dinners for Dogs

Ideal for smaller dogs.

These perfectly proportioned portions are specially prepared to provide the many taste and nutritional benefits of top-notch raw recipes in our handy, no-nonsence, single serve trays.

Just range

Designed for allergic pets

Easy-to-use, DIY pet food format for those pet owners who like to prepare meals for their pupils.
Ideal when your four-legged friend has specific allergy or digestive impediments.

Core range Cats

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Dinners for Cats

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Support range

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Treats & Bones

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Leaverstoke Farm

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